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Pre-built Applications

Explore pre-built applications showcasing the power of High Performance Computing (HPC). Text-to-Image, Blender, Unity Render Streaming, AI Upscaling and more, each designed for optimal performance on DeepSquare.

Build Your Own Apps

Empower your innovation by designing and running custom jobs on the DeepSquare infrastructure.
Utilize our Dev App or leverage the full-featured DeepSquare SDK for direct development and execution.

App Hub & Community

Find inspiration and unlock your creativity with our Workflow Catalog. Discover the gems in our community-built app collection. Connect with developers on Discord, share feedback, and contribute to enriching the catalog.

Experience the power of DeepSquare's HPC infrastructure with these Demo Apps

Blender icon

Render 3D graphics, animations, and models with the Blender application.

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Text to Image

Transform text into stunning visuals.

AI Upscaling

Enhance the resolution and quality of your images with the AI Upscaling App.

Unity icon
Unity Render Streaming

Build and deploy high-quality games with Unity Render Streaming.

Discover community-built apps running on DeepSquare

Mind SquareFactory icon
Mind Factory

Mind Factory is a comprehensive development platform on the DeepSquare testnet, catering to both Web2 and Web3 applications. Our platform provides a feature-rich IDE, seamlessly integrated as a VS Code extension, to streamline your development process. With Mind Factory, you can easily manage and deploy your projects, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

Askord icon
Askord Imagine

Introducing Askord Imagine, the Telegram bot powered by generative AI, offering seamless text-to-image and image-to-image conversion features from the command line. Experience stable diffusion-based functionality and unlock your creative potential with ease.

Build and Run your applications with DeepSquare

Workflow File

Experience hassle-free application deployment with only two prerequisites: a workflow file and a crypto wallet. The workflow file serves as your guide for resource allocation and operational instructions.


Run workflows instantly with our 'Dev' app. For enhanced use of the platform, our powerful DeepSquare SDK offers flexibility and customization. Choose the approach that suits your needs and unleash DeepSquare's full potential.


Lay the foundation for success with DeepSquare by familiarising yourself with our robust infrastructure.
Unlock the platform's full potential by delving into our comprehensive documentation.